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FLEX HW Kit For New Users


Use your FLEX to easily reprogram, Update, or Modify the software of most engine control units directly through the vehicle’s OBD socket. A simple Internet connection gives you access to all the potential that the tool offers you. For more advanced or repair work, use the FLEXBox module to program the control unit in BDM, Bootloader, JTAG, and AUD modes. The device detects any connection or communication errors thanks to its cutting-edge design.



FLEX tailored to your work. Customize FLEX, choose the software packages and accessories that best suit your business. Purchase this new tool to increase your productivity and bring your business up to the next level by adding this new customizable technology to your workplace.

Select your FLEX Tool Package according to your needs

Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 36 × 32 × 10 cm


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